Grant Writing

CHC Foundation requests that all grant requests follow these listed bullets outlining your grant application.

CHC Foundation Cover Letter

A signed and dated CHC Foundation Grant Cover Sheet must be included in all grant requests.

Project Description

  • A complete description of the project including goals and objectives
  • Identification of specific outcomes the project is expected to achieve
  • Explanation of the need for the project
  • Specific activities or methods that will be used to reach the project goals
  • A timeline for implementation of the project including starting date and expected completion date
  • Comments on past or present attempts by the applicant and others to address the designated need.

Itemized Project Budget

  • Itemized project budget showing how major expenses are estimated and how CHC Foundation funds are to be spent (Include bids if possible)
  • Summary of matching and existing funds for the project and their sources, include other grants awarded and those pending. Salaries, operating expenses, and supplies are not matching funds.
  • Explanation of how the project will be maintained after CHC Foundation funds are expended (how will operating expenses be funded?)
  • Explanation of why the organization cannot assume the cost of the project from its own resources
  • Explanation of other funding sources that have been received or attempted.

Information about the Organization

  • Description of the organization requesting funds, including a summary of its background, purpose, objectives, and experience in the area for which the funds are being sought.
  • Name and qualifications of people involved in implementing the project.
  • Include a list of the Board of Directors if appropriate.
  • Statement of full support by the director of the requesting organization. Schools should include a letter from the principal and superintendent supporting the project. Other public entities should include letters of support from appropriate governmental officials. 
  • Please list past history of CHC Foundation grant history requests in descending chronological order with amounts requested and granted. The discussion should include the following: purposes, experiences, and outcomes of those projects that were granted.

Organization Finances

Include information about the organization's financial support for this individual project.

  • Statement of the organization's financial status, including all sources of funds and income (preferably an audited balance sheet and income statement for the most recent fiscal year).
  • A copy of the Internal Revenue Service tax exempt letter verifying that the organization is not a private foundation and is exempt from taxation under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code.
  • For public entities eligible under Section 170(c)(1) of the Internal Revenue Service Code, a statement from the governmental or political subdivision official (school principal or superintendent, city mayor, county commissioner, etc.) affirming that the entity is eligible under Section 170(c)(1) because it is a political subdivision of the State of Idaho.   
  • Name, address, phone number, and letter of endorsement from a person authorized to receive funds if granted.


Supplemental information of importance concerning the grant proposal not available before the grant application deadline should be submitted to the CHC Foundation office soon after the application deadline. The CHC Foundation may request additional information or clarification from the applicant if needed.

CHC Foundation desires and appreciates complete, concise, typewritten applications and welcomes inquiries from prospective applicants. Please assure that all pages of your submitted application are numbered.