Grant Submission

Grant Application

Thank you for your interest in receiving a grant from the CHC Foundation.  You may submit your grant using the Online Application process by following the instructions listed below.  

Online Application Procedure:

  • To begin the process, please refer to the information provided in the "Grants/Writing" section of this website.  We ask that all grant applications include narratives addressing the information requested in each bullet point listed there.  Your completed application file, including your narrative and supporting documentation, must be saved as a pdf file before submission. (If you need assistance converting your documents to PDFs, please click this link.)
  • Complete the online "Cover Sheet."
  • Upload your grant application as one document file using the utility provided at the bottom of the Cover Sheet. If you find you have omitted an item before submitting your application, you may use the “Additional Information” utility to upload an additional file.
  • Submit your grant application.  Please submit your application on lne only once.  If you encounter a problem uploading your file, please contact the CHC office.
  • The Online Application cannot be saved. Please have your document file and information ready before you begin.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our office.